Before I tell you more about this life-changing membership, let's talk about who it is really for. 

You love all things holistic health and want to feel good and energetic every day. You know that feeling good fuels all other areas of your life so for you, prioritising your wellbeing is what keeps you going. 

Whether you are....

An ambitious woman working in a 9-5 job, who often feels depleted after work and knows that feeling more energetic and good in your body throughout your menstrual cycle will help you succeed both in life and work 

A female entrepreneur who often feels like she is giving so much to others and forgets to truly take care of herself. You know that the better your energy and mood, the better your biz results too

A yoga teacher who wants to bring more feminine flow into your classes

You're in the right place! I'm going to tell you exactly how The Cycle Conscious Collective will give you the tools, knowledge and holistic support on your journey to balancing your hormones and being in control of your cycle, mood & energy.


You'll become the expert on your hormone health. You will learn the hidden causes behind period problems, hormone imbalances, fatigue, and PMS so that you can stop googling and start healing

You know the exact steps to having more energy and better periods, overcoming PMS, and aligning your life with your cycle without the overwhelm

You'll craft your own holistic hormone reset action plan that helps you identify your cycle awareness journey step-by-step and sets you up for success

Your lifestyle will be aligned with your cyclical energy so that you can wave goodbye to the pressure of doing it all everyday and start reaching your goals with more joy

You have the daily practices in place that reduce stress, steady your mood and help you gain more energy whenever you experience symptoms hormonal imbalances

Hear what Rachel, a PCOS warrior tells about her experience in the collective.

Hear how the collective has helped Piamaria with painful periods and irregular cycles.


The Cycle Conscious Collective


  • Monthly recurring membership

  • Instant access to the content

  • Flexibility to cancel at any time

  • The most popular plan


  • Instant access to the content

  • Saves you money and gives you long-term accountability


Ontario, Canada

My experience in the collective has been life changing because it has given me tons of knowledge related to my hormones, cycle syncing and cycle tracking. Before meeting Pirita, I used to over exercise and restrict my calorie intake which caused me hormonal imbalances leading to acne, irregular cycles, hair fall, and bloating.  My advice to others who want to join the collective would be if you want to take control of your hormones and don't want to give your hormones the control, Pirita is the person you want to work with. Her holistic approach and experience would prove magical for you.


Helsinki, Finland

My experience in the CCC this past year has been life changing. Before the collective, I didn’t have a consistent yoga practice, and I had never connected with the mental side of yoga. Pirita’s clever and creative flows have motivated me to practice weekly, which has had a direct effect on my stress levels, focus, and overall health as an ambitious woman with a busy mind.

Marcela Testimonial.jpg


Ljubljana, Slovenia

My experience with Pirita has helped me to recognise different phases of my cyle and live in tune with them. I have learnt to respect my body’s needs. Before the collective I haven’t really understood different levels of my energy throughout the menstrual cycle. With the knowledge I gained in the collective I can optimise my energy more. I was cautious before joining because I didn’t really quite understood how practicing yoga could help me have less painful periods and have more energy. But I reached just that.


The Framework. This five-module online course takes you through your endocrine system, root causes behind period problems, fatigue and hormonal imbalances, and it gives you the exact steps you need to take to have more energy, better periods and balanced hormones

A library of 70 cycle conscious yoga classes as well as workshops on PMS, period problems, gut health, cycle syncing and SO MUCH more

Meditations that help you stay on track - to reach your goals, find your zen, and cycle sync your life

Monthly cycle conscious yoga classes that help you move with your cycle, balance your hormones and feel good in your body

Bonus yoga tutorials, workbooks and so much more!

Workshops with me and other industry experts to make a long-term, holistic changes in your life that support healthy hormones without the overwhelm

A community of like-minded, ambitious women


During this special time, you'll get access to all these

TCCC What You Get.png

AND, you'll get all these amazing


Customisable cycle charting template that makes tracking your cycle easy, holistic & effortless

Fillable cycle journaling workbook that keeps you on track and helps you make your cyclical self-care a priority

And as a cherry on top, you'll get 2 weeks of unlimited Voxer support with yours truly


You'll be backed by a 14-day risk-free guarantee. But let me say this upfront.

The Cycle Conscious Collective takes you from feeling overwhelmed with your menstrual cycle, periods and changing energy levels to feeling amazing in your body and in control of your hormones and energy levels with a proven, step-by-step roadmap.

The membership space and the framework are built upon my members feedback, questions, pain points, big results, and little victories. 

And here's the thing.

If by the end of your first 14 days in the collective you feel like this is not for you and you're simply not getting any results, show me that you have put in the effort and time and done the work, and if it's not working, I'll give you your money back. 


I have really painful periods or I struggle with PMS, irregular cycle and other hormonal imbalances. Would this help me?

Yes! Many of the members have overcome PMS, period pain and irregular cycles, and some struggle with PCOS and are seeing amazing results, thanks to the collective. Most members have high-stress jobs that can make their symptoms worse, but thanks to the collective, they have been able to create self-care routines that help them to have more energy in the luteal and menstruation phases.

Can I only join for a month?

Yes! Although I doubt that you will ONLY stay for one month. You'll realise how much value this collective brings to your life and likely want to stay a while longer.

I'm busy and only have limited time to practice. What should I do?

I know, I'm busy too and the collective is full of busy women. That's why you can go through the framework, practice cycle conscious yoga and watch previous workshops whenever it suits you best. The collective will also encourage you to find time for the most important thing in your life - yourself. Remember that the cost of not investing time in your self-care is staying exactly where you are. Is that OK with you?

I'm nervous about the financial investment. What if this is not for me?

I'm always nervous too when it comes to investing money into something new! But what I always tell myself is that if I don't invest or if I'm not willing to put any skin in the game, it means that I'm telling myself that it's okay to stay the same. Growth, change and success always takes sacrifice! But if you join and you really feel like this is not for you (which I highly doubt will happen), you can request a total refund within 14 days of joining.

I'm on the pill or don't have regular periods. Can I still join?

Multiple members are on the pill and they sync their lifestyle with the energetic cycle that they experience on the pill, or the lunar cycle. The framework might challenge your thoughts about the pill and even re-consider it. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask me by sending me a message on IG @piritayoga.

What if I don't have previous experience in yoga?

I always offer different variations in my classes to make them accessible to different levels. My cycle conscious yoga classes are about feeling good and reducing stress to balance your hormones, so even if you're not the most flexible person in the world, you'll be able to follow these classes. Also, the only way to gain experience is by starting and consistently practising!

Hey there...


(And that's Noodle)

And we cannot wait to welcome you into the collective and guide you towards a healthier, happier and more energetic you. 

I've experienced first hand what a beautiful difference cycle awareness and hormone balancing can create in your life. 

It's simply not just about having PMS-free months or breezy periods.


It's about having energy each day to spend it with the people you love the most, work on things that make an impact and most importantly, genuinely feel good and happy in your body. 

I think that feeling is irreplaceable. And that's why I'm inviting you along. 

Should you accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that each month in the membership will be completely life-changing for you and the ones you love the most. 

I look forward to meeting you inside The Cycle Conscious Collective!

Pirita xx

The Cycle Conscious Collective


  • Monthly recurring membership

  • Instant access to the content

  • Flexibility to cancel at any time

  • The most popular plan


  • Instant access to the content

  • Saves you money and gives you long-term accountability